#InCoWriMo 2017

Yes, I know, the last two days I haven't updated my blog, but I had been quite busy and with no time for anything else! 

At the beginning of the year I found a curious challenge for this February, #InCoWriMo, to write a letter each day to someone you don't know from around the world! The idea sounded original and fun, so I didn't doubt to inscribe me on the list to send and receive letters! 
The first week was easy, I was writing a letter each day to someone on the list, the problem started the second week of February, I started to receive letters and letters... now I am writing 4 or 5 letters each day, but I still have a lot of letters to answer! So with the letters, my baby and the books, these last two days have been completely crazy!
February is almost finished, so maybe I will receive some more letters, but I suppose not so many, and I would be able to do something more in my life that write letters! ;)
I have to say that some of the letters are very pretty and with cute little pieces of paper art, something that I will treasure for a long time!

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