Dare To Remember by Susanna Beard

Dare To Remember by Susanna Beard
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Crime
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

Imagine you wake up one day in a hospital and don't remember why you are there, that's Lisa's nightmare. Her best friend Ali was killed that night and Lisa almost lose her life too, but she couldn't remember what happened that terrible night. Would you help Lisa remember that night?

"Wearily she turns on the light and shuffles downstairs through the cold house for a cup of tea, which she brings back to bed and sips while she watches one of the old familiar films until the cold grey morning.
It's because the nightmares and the flashbacks that she perseveres with the therapy.
How long will it take? Will it ever get better?
She withdraws into her daily routine, wanting no past and expecting no future."

As we start reading this book we discover that Lisa has no memories of the perpetrator of the crime or the fateful night, she has some flashbacks but without coherence in them, just a horrible feeling that it was her fault... Did she push her or it's just the guilt fault that is talking?
While you are reading this book you will start making your own conjectures and possible scenarios, but the truth is always more scary than fiction, so be prepared!
One of the thinks I liked most while I was reading this book was that the secondary characters had a very important part in the main story, they are not just there, that will make them more interesting and with their own problems!
This is a book of nightmares and brave people who try to live even when they don't have the energy or the force to do so, a very empowering book with a very truth behind it, never allow anyone to dismiss yourself, you have more power than you think!
This is a slow paced mystery book where nightmares and flashback mix with reality scared to everyone.
Are you ready to know the truth?

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