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Blackout by Marc Elsberg
Genre: Apocalypse, Mystery
Source: Penguin Random House

What would happen if one day you wake up without electricity? Everything will fall apart! That's why Manzano, an Italian hacker, will try to stop it... will he succeed?

"The illuminated red area on Condotto's screen told her that the computer had taken almost all regions north of Latium and Abruzzo off the grid. Sicily was off as well. According to the map in front of her, only the bottom half of the book was still being supplied with electricity. More than thirty million people were in the dark."

This book is not just for apocalypse lovers with a hint of mystery, it's for anyone who wants to think on how much we rely in electricity, scary but true. What would happen if you can't go to the toilet because it's stoped flushing, or can't buy food because there's no delivery service... it started to sound a little scary? So imagine living it!
We maybe have a saviour, Manzano the hacker that with some humour and very good computer skills will try to safe the world! 
Since the first page you will get lost in this dark world, where in the beginning you will be overflown by characters, but the story is so well formed and studied that all the lost pieces will fit in the end.
This book made me think on how much we really need electricity in our life, something that we don't think or pay attention but that our life could change completely without it!
This book is worth a read, enjoy!

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