A Room Full Of Killers by Michael Wood

A Room Full Of Killers by Michael Wood
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

DCI Matilda Darke has a very special case to investigate, a young man is dead, but he killed his grandparents and was imprisoned in a special facility for young killers. There are seven more prisoners in the facility, is one of them the killer or they will be the next victims?

"'Rory, you can't let these lads get to you. Yes, they've committed the worst crimes imaginable but they're paying for them. That, at leas, should give you some comfort.'
'It's the fact they committed them in the first place, I've got a brother and cousins who are the age of some of these lads. What if they turn into killers?'"

I loved this book, the story, the characters, the writing, this is a must read book!
This is my first book of Matilda Darke, the third on the series, but after reading this book, I must confess I am already a fan!
Matilda is not the perfect heroine, she has problems like any human, she fails like any human but at the same time she is brave and tries to enforce the law when she believes there's an injustice.
This is a difficult case, we don't want to think about it, but there are young offenders that kill and don't have any regrets about it, can you imagine a room full of them? That's what Matilda will have to face here, there's a killer among the killers, a real nest of scorpions!
Michael Wood has not just written an amazing thriller, he throws us a quite interesting question, killers are born or created by society? A question that for now we don't have an answer but it's scaring just the thought of it.
Something was bothering me while I was reading this book, why these killers even after they committed such horrible crimes they were still treated like minors? They have the freedom that the person they killed will never have again and they have their own room with personal items on them. I don't believe in death penalty, but I think they should stay in prison, not have a facility with so many privileges! And I am not surprised that the people who work there don't stay longer or that they are not very qualified... are you?
This engaging, gripping and dark thriller has the perfect recipe to be one of my favourite books this year!
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