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15 Minutes by Larissa Reinhart
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Maizie wants a change in her life, instead of continuing being a tv star she wants to become a private investigator in the Nash Security Solutions, but no one thinks she can do it, so she decides to investigate an invisible case. With new friends and persistence she will have a case, but maybe she will be the next victim!

"After all my years in LA, delectables like donuts should cause my brain to flash a warning with a similar intensity to the bright red neon "Fresh & Hot" sign hanging in this storefront window. 
However, my brain's warning was more of an appetising apple red. As in Snow White's "One bite and all your dreams will come true" red.

This is the first book of the Maizie Albright Star Detective Series, and with Maizie's imperfect character and love for donuts I will hope we read soon more of her adventures!
This is a book with a lot of humour and mystery, perfect for everyone who wants to have a good laugh reading a mystery. Maizie is one of those characters that you love since the first page, no matter what are her problems or all the trouble she creates, you just want to be her friend and take care of her!
In this case we have all the presentations of the characters and story between them, like the handsome boss, Nash, who tries not to take care of her but he could not resist Maizie's sweetness, or her mother/manager that I really, really hate her! And of course the non existent case, that in the end there's a case and Nash and Maizie will have to hurry investigate before they are the next victims!
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