Vinyl Toy Blind Bag

Have you ever been to Forbidden Planet?
It's a shop you have to visit if you are a fan of films, series or manga, they have everything you ever dreamed! Yesterday I was there, and of course I couldn't resist to buy a few things... My husband almost kill me when he saw it! But they were shouting at me, I promise you! ;)

If you are a Harry Potter lover, you may want to take a look at the Harry Potter Collectors Keyring, the designs are amazing and perfect to protect your keys from the You Know Who...!

Disney always have some amazing characters, so the Disney Figure Keyring are perfect no matter what character you've got, don't you think?

I know this is no the first time I share with you the Lego Minifigure, but these one are special, they are the Batman characters made in Lego! And I've got this cute pencil man, it was the one I want and I've got it on the first try, I am lucky! :)

So which are your favourite ones?

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