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Time Out by Suzanne Trauth
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Dodie O'dell works at her uncle Henry's restaurant Windjammer and when the director of the new play in town dies, everyone suspects of food poisoning. She will do everything in her hands to recover the restaurant's good name, even if she has to put her life in danger!

"The front door opened and Lola strode in, eyes blazing. 'Benny, set me up with a chardonnay and keep them coming.;
'Hey girlfriend, what's up? Rehearsal's over already?'
Lola shook her head and took a healthy gulp of her wine. She closed her eyes. 'I've been dreaming about that sip for two hours.' Sip? She must really be rattled."

While we discover the inhabitants of this small village, we start to meet Dodie's friends and neighbours, while she tries to discover the killer of the famous director. Sadly no one believes that Antonio has been killed, so Dodie will have to investigate this mystery on her own, facing some dangerous situations an a few threats to her life... 
It's quite a mystery the one we have in this book, but the most important thing is if Dodie has any chances with the handsome chief Bill... we can see some sparks between them, but of course we want more!
I enjoyed this book, but I would love to learn some of the few recipes they made in the restaurant, they seem delicious!
Ready for Arsenic and Old Lace?

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