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The Dry by Jane Harper 
Genre: Mystery
Source: Little, Brown Book Group
Rating: 4/5

We start this book with a funeral, with a lot of sadness and mystery... but who is the dead and, even more important, why is Aaron Falk there? We will discover that an old friend, Luke, has killed all his family and committed suicide right after... but not everyone believes it... What had really happened? Could it be linked to a mystery death of a young woman, friend of Luke and Aaron? Read it and you will discover the truth!

"Gerry tilted his face and his expression was lost in shadow.
'It's something to ask yourself before you go scurrying back to Melbourne. You and I both hid the truth. If I'm guilty, so are you.'"

This is a low paced book, but full of mystery and twists. And as you may know, the truth will eventually always come out, even if it's a few years later!
Some books have to be enjoyed page by page, that's why you can't rush Aaron to tell all his story or to investigate more quickly, there's a story beneath the story, sad but important to understand the characters we will start to love since the first page.
I liked how Jane Harper show us the truth about granger problems, it's not easy to understand if you haven't lived with it, but it's a quite difficult life, not only depends on your work, but the weather, the prices and the luck. Not everyone can survive this type of life, and maybe that's why Luke decided to kill all his family and himself... or is there something more?
This is a book you will like to read and to talk, we will know the truth at the end, but there are so many open doors that you will need to re-read it to understand the whole truth.
How desperate you have to be to kill?

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