Rupture by Ragnor Jónasson

Rupture by Ragnor Jónasson
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

While Ari Thór is waiting to the quarantine of an haemorrhagic fever to be lifted up, he decided to take a look at an old case... but when a baby is missing he thinks that maybe the past is repeating again... Ready for Rupture?

"Ari Thór was starting to feel uncomfortable again. He remembered vividly how the ring of mountains encircling Siglufjördur had affected him when he had first arrived there, two and a half years before. The claustrophobia was still inside him, although he did his best not to let it get the better of him."

This is my first book of Ragnor Jónasson of the Dark Iceland series, the 4th on the series. I loved the paced style and how the author unwraps this chilling mystery between a quarantine and a mysterious kidnapping. He makes you feel the cold, loneliness and isolation in your bones!
I have to confess that I was addicted to the book since the first page, I didn't wanted to miss anything of the life of Ísrún the journalist or Ari, the detective. I finished the book in just 4 hours! 
Ísrún and Ari have a quite an enigma in their hands... There was a suicide in an isolated house a long time ago, but now an old photo has appeared with a mysterious child on it, was him the murderer? It was quite interesting how Ari discovered all the secrets of the family in just one photo and the help of her Ísrún, I hope all the detectives are as sharp as Ari!
In this case we have some politics involved, and of course they are corrupted, liars and with a secret agenda... Is there any country with a fair government? It's sad and disturbing to think that the answer is no!
This is a book I highly recommend, one of those books that you don't want to end, it's a short story with some amazing characters that you will love since the first page.
Are you sure you want to visit Iceland?

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