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River City Dead by Nancy G. West
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Finding a body in your hotel room on the first night out with your boyfriend is not a good sign... But Aggie and Sam, instead of returning home, they decided to investigate the murder and try to enjoy the Fiesta! Will they succeed and enjoy a little bit of couple time? Start reading to discover it!

"'Do you think the man pinned me at random? Or was it some kind of warning?'
'I don't know. We need to learn more about this skull thing.'
'I'll research it. I saw more of them today at the cemetery.'
'The cemetery? What made you go there?'"

This is the second book I have read of Aggie Mundeen Mysteries, and I have to say Aggie has grown with personality and confidence. She knows what she wants, doesn't doubt to investigate a murder or try to get answers without asking the direct questions. A really PI! I am not sure why she hasn't asked for the papers yet, I am sure she is better than a few detectives!
The only problem Aggie has is that she doesn't trust anyone, the good point is she is trying to improve it, making Sam a good partner for her with his patience, but his own faults too. I am sure this couple will last for a long time, they just have to continue talking and expressing their feelings, easy, don't you think? ;)
I always learn something new in all the books I read, this time it was about the military world, a very strange community for me, I just know what I've read and watched on the movies... I have so many questions! Does anyone know what the medals they wear mean? It's a complete enigma for me!
Nancy G. West books are quick and funny to read, you will enjoy a good mystery, with not so many blood but quite an interesting way to murder if I can make you a little spoiler!
This book is for sleuth lovers, fans of a good mystery and a little bit of love and fun! You will have a good time reading this book!
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