Kira Kira Beauty Box - December 2016

This is my second Kira Kira box, and I can only say that I loved more than the first one! Oh yes, it has more beauty products and more amazing than the ones in the November box! If you don't believe me, take look...

Do you know all the good properties that has Green Tea? Now you will be using them as a mask moisturising and protecting your skin!

I have to say that I already know the Ashirira Sheet, when I was in Tokyo we walked so much that we had to buy a couple of them to restore our energies! So I can assure you they are amazing!

The Ichigo Milk Bath and Milk soap smells so good that I can not wait to indulge myself with a hot bath! From now on my hands will always smell like a sweet strawberry!

The Yogrip mask instead of a beauty product seems a candy! But I am sure it will left my face brighten than ever, it has yogurt, rose and honey!

The Monroe Peach Cream will leave my hands really soft, sadly the peach smell is not my favourite! But I am sure some of my friends will love this present! ;)

My favourite product this month is The Dear Laura palettes! Perfect for cheeks and lips, it doesn't matter what colour you use, I am sure it's in there!

Another beautiful and full of amazing products Kira Kira Box, I can not wait till the next box arrive!

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