Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson

Everything You Told Me by Lucy Dawson
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Corvus
Rating: 5/5

Sally wakes up inside a taxi with a suicide note in her pocket but doesn't remember why, is she really going to commit suicide? All her friends and family believe so, but she doesn't remember anything... Who is lying?

"'Oh Sal,' he says, his voice breaking slightly. 'Please stop. I can't bear watching you act out this whole charade, trying to justify the letter you had on you, or insisting that it was odd you had four hundred pounds in cash when there was a bag stuffed full of money in the house that's now banished, or why was it Cornwall you wound up in, when we've spend some of our happiest times there. People struggle, they find things difficult, impossible even. You've been looking after the children pactically single handedly for six months now: anyone would be at breaking point.'"

I felt quite identified with Sally's situation, I have a 9 months baby and I have lost my mum recently; it's not easy to cope with the grief, sadness, loneliness and stress to take care of a newborn child. Sally thinks she is losing it, maybe she is, but trying to commit suicide without remembering it is quite a different think... What would your husband say if you were found with a suicide note but you don't remember anything of the night before? I think I would go to the police directly, with my husband's help, of course! Sadly, no one believes Sally, neither her own parents... This is a curious and strange situation, who is really involved in her "mysterious" suicide attempt? Family, friends or she really tried to suicide and she completely forgot it?
Just with this argument I am sure you are quite intrigued, I can assure you will get hooked, like a drug, you will not be able to stop reading it till the end, where all the lies and truth become to the surface, easy to say but difficult to accept the twisted ending! I must confess that after finishing this book I was completely in shock, the end is perfect, but at the same time horrible! You will have to read it to decide what you think about it. ;)
Lucy Dawson has made it again, after "I sent you a Letter", I had some trouble getting to sleep, now it will be completely impossible! I don't want to wake up in a taxi with no idea where I am going!
It's amazing how Lucy can create an intricate thriller with no one to trust, with normal characters like our neighbours or friends that you can really imagine talking to them, but they are hiding completely their true intentions... You know that proverb that reality exceed fiction? Be careful!
This is a must book to read this 2017, it will leave no one indifferent, bewildered with Sally's problems and seeking for the truth, it will be with you for a long time...
Do you remember what you did last night?

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