Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb - Blog Tour

Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb
Genre: Thriller, Action
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5

Lory Anderson is a bounty hunter who needs money quickly, that's why she takes the job to haunt back her mentor J.T. to justice. J.T. knows her past and some of her darkest secrets, but the law is the law and she needs the money. Is she ready to face the past?

"'Son-of-a-bitch.' I dropped the picture like it was the business end of a branding iron. It landed face up on the desk.
I stared at the photo. Heart racing, mouth dry.
It was him. 
The man I'd seen in my nightmares for near on the past decade. The only other living person who knew the truth of what happened all those years ago."

This is the first Steph Broadribb book, a non stop action book with some twists and kick-ass characters that can cope with the worst type of humans. Steph has created a bold woman that loves her daughter and is ready to do anything to protect her, even if the enemy is the scaring cancer, I have to say that she makes women proud after reading this book, we can be mothers and fighters at the same time.
It was quite new for me reading about the bounty hunter world, I find it always a curious and dangerous job, and it seems I wasn't wrong at all. Lori will have to chase her mentor J.T. but him at the same time was hunting a child abductor and mixed with the mob... so not an easy job, that's for sure!
The book is narrated in first person, this made you participate in every action taken by Lori, making it more real and touchable, like you are living her movements. So, maybe, when you finish this book you will feel ready to face anything, it's the LoriĀ“s effect! ;)
If you are searching for a bold character and a non stop thriller, this is your book. I have to confess that I can not wait till the next book, that will be published on 2018.
What would you do to save your daughter's life?