Cbeebies BBC Magazine

I have to admit that since I am a mother I look at all the kids stuff, it doesn't matter the age, just to inform and discover new things that may interest me in the future or to take ideas to do with my baby right now. I don't know if it's the normal thing, but I love it!
Thanks to Bloggers Required I had the chance to take a sneak peak of the Cbeebies BBC Magazine. 
I want my baby to be appealed for books, drawing and crafty things, but at the same time, learn things and have a good time, of course! And this magazine fulfil all this criteria, it has some new words to learn, makes the baby think while they are learning and it always have a little text for the grown ups to show us how to interact with them.

Learning to write the first words...

Learning to connect images with words...

Teaching new words...

I was searching for a magazine for my little one, and I think I have a winner, I know my baby is still young to do all the fun activities in the magazine, but he always like to sit and listen what we are saying, so this will be a funny way to play with him, and he will not know that he is learning! ;)
And I think he loved it!

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