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Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Little, Brown Book Group
Rating: 4/5

Someone is burned alive, a detective... did she know anything about the mysterious suicide girl or it was collateral damage? This is what DS Frank Pearson and DC Catherine Russel will have to resolve in this case. Enjoy!

"For Pearson there were two types of copper: the Timex cop and the Rolex cop."

Reading this book was like watching a movie, in the beginning we know that there's someone dying burned inside a car, and then we go back 4 days to understand what's really happening. And when we arrive at the present, we still see the last movements of the deceit. Like a movie, don't you think?
While in the first part we try to discover and connect all the characters, in the second and third parts we will read about the murder and the police investigation. A dark thriller with a lot of characters that would leave no one indifferent, I can guarantee it!
I missed some human interaction between the two police officers, they are police partners, but they don't seem to have anything else in common! Both of them with their own problems and thoughts and they keep their mouths shut, I think they need some partner therapy!
At the end of the book I didn't know how to process the endings, it's sad and hard, but it's still a murder, in these cases, the police see the suspects as a killers or humans? Quite difficult to decide in this case!
We know who is the killer at the end of the book, of course, but there are some questions that remain unsolved, I hope we will know the resolution in the next books!
What type of person are you?

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