AliExpress Stationery - January 2017

Have you ever tried buying on Aliexpress?
It's always a mystery if what you see in the pictures is what your are buying, if the products will be good or if you will ever receive the products you have bought. That's why I will try to buy every month a product from a different shopper and explain my results with them in the blog!
This time, the shipment was from the 22nd of December, so it took less than a month to arrive and the seller is Maggie Stationery Wholesale Company.
I have to say that I am really satisfied with the products I bought, all of them were exactly as the seller photos and explanations, and they work quite well! Take a look...

There are never enough stickers on my life... I thought these pretty lips would be perfect to have my posts ordered by the day of the month, don't you think?

Of course if you buy stationery you can not forget about the masking tape, I found these ones quite pretty and useful. The blue print one is perfect to use to decorate or as a photo frame and the little squares are perfect for my non-ending lists!
If you are wondering what are these plastics, are to keep your masking tape in order on your notebook, this way you don't have to have all the prints with you, just a little sample! ;)

When you wrap a present, it's always nice to put something more personal on it, that's why I thought these beautiful little stickers will be perfect to decorate my presents! Or to use in a letter!

I am always searching for silver markers, not all of them work well or have a pretty silver, I think this one is perfect, and you can use it on any material!

I am starting to learn calligraphy, it's been years since I wanted to learn, so this Christmas all my presents were orientated to this topic. That's why I bought this calligraphy brush, it's more difficult to use than a fountain pen, and needs more practise, but I am sure at the end of the year I will have improved! (I hope!)

As you may see, the products are good and the package came quicker than I expected, let's see next month! :)

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