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A Ghostly Reunion by Tonya Kappes
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 3'5/5

Emma Lee can help people solve their murders to "leave in peace", but when her nemesis Jade Lee is killed, she's not sure what to do... Would she help her or kill a ghost? ;)

"'Give. Me. A. Mirror.' Spit flung out of Jade's mouth with every word. 'Now!' Her hand shot toward the young assistant.
The young girl gulped. In all my years of being an undertaker, I'd never seen the fear of death on anyone's face... until now.
The girl's hand was shaking as she lifted a handheld mirror up to Jade Lee's line of vision.
'It's a nice shade of Jade,' the girl squeaked."

I have to admit that it was quite strange in the beginning reading so long names; Charlotte Rae, Emma Lee, Jade Lee... I am used to one world name, reading these type of names was like returning to the 50's!
It's not quite surprising that a woman living in Sleepy Hollow could talk to ghosts... Have you seen the movie or watch the Sleepy Hollow series? I understand, I am sure.
The only problem is that if you talk to ghosts it means that probably you are the only one seeing them... so Emma Lee has some embarrassing situations but hilarious at the same time! She tries to call them Funeral Trauma problems, but I am not sure she will be able to keep her secret for much longer...
With family problems, a nemesis to help, and a hot boyfriend, Emma Lee will keep you entertained for a while!
This is the fifth book of the Ghostly Southern Mystery Series, so you will miss a little bit of background, but you can read it as standalone. 
This book will make you laugh, but the best part is the ending, quite a surprise! You will not want to miss the next Tonya Kappes book! :)
Do you have a "Funeral Trauma"?

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