The Girl Unknown by Karen Perry

The Girl Unknown by Karen Perry
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Penguin
Rating: 3/5

A stranger arrives at Connolly's family.... a secret daughter that will change the fate of this family forever. Ready to discover The Unknown Girl?

"Something in the water rolls - or rather someone. The watchful seagull blinks. The water darkens. A face tilted, a figure submerged. The mouth is open but there is no shining thread of bubbles, no silvery breath escaping."

A tense psychological thriller, with dark secrets, untold truths and a very dangerous girl... I can assure you that after reading this book you will doubt every new person that enters in your life!
While we are reading the book we know that Zoë Barry has a secret agenda, don't know what she really wants but all her actions are suspicious and sometimes scary. What is her real motive?
David and Caroline have a lot of marriage problems, and Zoë's appearance will make things worse... David's complete trust to this unknown daughter get me nervous sometimes, I know he doesn't trust his wife after the infidelity, but really, will you trust someone who you don't know before your wife or your sons? His roll in the story sometimes is not very real, why he doesn't want to know the truth? If you are tired of your life, change it! No, he wasn't my favourite character of the story...
I have to say this would be a great movie, the tense moments, the dark looks between the characters and of course the twist in the end, the best! 
This book will make you think if we ever know the people around us, they say something, but we never know their real thoughts... The most trusted person in our life can always surprise us... even for the worst. Scary don't you think?
This is the first book I've read from Karen Perry, but after this book I will search for new ones!
Ready for The Unknown Girl?

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