Kira Kira Beauty Box - October 2016

My post mail these days is not very regular... so yesterday I received the cute Kira Kira October beauty box and they already had sent the November! Luckly the products are beautiful and useful for my beauty routine. Some products are completely new and original for me, some are already known, take a look...

I will start from the most curious one, the Hotto Mie Eye Mask for soothing tired eyes and helping to relax, the curious thing is that this mask heats up to making you relax while you are using it! ;)

The Nonkuma x Hello Kitty Eye Patch is to get rid of your dark circles! The best part? They are reusable! 

The Choosy Lip Pack will make your lips smoother and fuller!

I love the Pure Smile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask, to nourish and moisturise your skin with a delicious smell.

The calming Yuzu Bath Tablets are perfect to relax and disconnect after work with a delicious bath.

The Family Honey Soap, perfect to soften your skin while you smell the delicious honey.

Naive Peach Face Wash, a very useful face wash from one of my favourite brands!

The only product that I will not use are the Super Exte Eyelashes, I don't use fake eyelashes...

This has been a very surprising beauty box, some very useful beauty products and with good results, that's quite important! We'll see the next month!

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