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Get Me To The Grave On Time by D. E. Ireland
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Weddings, murders and curses all stirred in a cocktail prepared for you to enjoy. Ready?

"'It's the Curse of the Cobra,' Eliza declared. 'It's all coming true. Everyone connected to the temple treasure is being killed.'"

Having 4 weddings could seem a lot of fun, if you does not count the money you have to spend with dresses and shoes; or the time you have to loose listening boring stories that other guests try to share with you... But when after every wedding there's a victim something seems really awful, even if you don't like weddings very much like me!
This is the new case of Higgins and Eliza, they will share with you their new story with a little bit of humor and some original friends to make this killing weddings more pleasant! And you will feel like one more guest... but be careful to not being the next victim!
This is the first book I´ve read of Eliza Doolitle and Henry Higgins, it's the third book of the series, but if you want you can read it as standalone.
I liked how the writer transported us to the 1913 where the Lords, the servants, the money and the war were moving the world, and I have to confess that even if I don't like very much history books I liked how D. E. Ireland makes the reader enter to their world so easily and ready to enjoy a killer wedding.
If you are planning your wedding in the next few months don't read this book, because you never know the real intentions of your guests, maybe you are the next victim!
Ready for the altar?

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