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Better Of Thread by Amanda Lee
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Christmas time has to be a moment of happiness and peace. Sadly, in Tallulah Falls, they have a killer and Santa Claus is the first suspect! Ready for a Christmas murder?

'"What a day, huh, Angus?" I looked over at our mannequin, Jill-who normally resembles Marilyn Monroe-and noticed that her wig was now sideways and covering her entire face. I laughed. "I think Jill has had an even rougher day than we have."'

A murder in a hospital is never a good thing, but if it's the administrator, be prepared for political problems! This murder will show us how a rivalry can make someone lose their mind... but maybe killing is too much? On the other hand, we will learn that in a hospital work a lot of altruist people, making sure that the children who have to stay there can have a nice time on Christmas, and meeting Santa Claus, of course! Do you plan to do any altruist thing this year on Christmas?
This is a sweet book to read in one stand, with a hot chocolate and a comfy plaid. You will be charmed with Marcy and her dog Angus sweetness and persistence to discover the truth, even if they have to risk their life. 
This is the first book I have read from the An Embroidery Mystery series, there are nine more to read! You can read it as standalone, but you will love so much the story and the characters that you will want to read the full series! :)
I really enjoyed reading this book, the characters were friendly and easy to love, like a family, that you just want to be part. I always like threads, so I loved imagining Marcy in her shop while attending shoppers and making some crafty things. I would love to have the pattern for the little tree she was doing as a present for family and friends! In the next book?
The book ended with a sweet question, so I suppose we will read more Marcy and Angus adventures, I can not wait!
Do you prefer Santa Claus or the little helper Elf?

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