Zero by Matt Brolly

Zero by Matt Brolly
Genre: Dystopian World
Source: Canelo Publishing
Rating: 4/5

In this dystopian world, where there's zero tolerance against crime, a Judge has been kidnapped... Inspector Kate Swanson and Sergeant Joseph Keane are investigating the kidnapping, but there is no one trying to help them... Who is really involved? Are they against or in favour of Zero Tolerance?

"As Swanson drove through the city to Judge Lloyd's house, she tried not to think about the sentence just handed down to the young petty thief. The policy of Zero Tolerance, ZT, was fixed legislation. Its powers could not be withdrawn, only extended. At present, any breach of criminal law, subject to a fair trial before judge and jury, was subject to the death penalty. Swanson had been working in the police force for the last eight years and had never known a society without the pods."

I have to say that this book surprised me, reading about a dystopian world is not always easy, but this book was a lucky find! 
This book has some similarity with the movie Minority Report, where they try to arrest the murderers before the crime. But in this world is a bit more exaggerate, Zero Tolerance started trying to remove the guns from society, and has ended with everyone who has broken the law put in a glass prison starving to death, literally! There are people against it, but specially the politic power wants to promote it, so if nothing changes there will have Zero Tolerance for a long time!
In the beginning there were too many characters and it was difficult to follow, but as you started entering in the story, every piece started to fit and you just wanted to know more...
I have to say I missed some background about the characters, we don't know much about Kate's past, just that her mother died in a pod, but Why? And Keane? Why he has to flirt with every woman he sees? Seems that he doesn't have very much interests in his life apart from women... This will be the first book of a series of Zero Tolerance story, so I hope we will learn more about them in the future.
Matt Brolly delighted us in a police investigation where hopes are surrounded in glass and everyone can see them but no one can help...
Do you believe in Zero Tolerance?

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