Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Source:Trapeze Books
Rating: 5/5

First of all I want to thank Trapeze for allowing me to read this book, I couldn't put it down!
Everything starts with a body, but not a normal body, a body made with parts of other victims! Who are the victims and what does it mean?
Wolf, the most infamous detective in London will be in charge of this case, but when a list with possible next victims killer appears, it starts the countdown... Will the police be able to stop the killer before any more deaths? Or would this be the next unstoppable serial killer?

"Baker picked up the half-empty bottle of red wine.
'Wine?' she offered pleasantly.
'Depends, what kind is it?'
'I can see that. I meant: where is it from?'
'No, I mean... I'll pass.'
Baxter shrugged and returned to her box."

This book reminds me of Luther, the tv series, with a dark police detective that his right and wrong views are in a blur, he's only objective to catch the killer!
Ragdoll is not just the story of a killer, it has trimmings of the police, the journalists and the victims of this violent serial killer. The story is catchy, but dark and gripping too, that's why this is an amazing thriller!
Daniel Cole has created an amazing book, bits of mystery, disturbing murders, some humor and a Wolf! What else can we ask for?
This is not just a page turner book, you will empathise with the police and the victims, and you will feel the countdown on your own skin! Can you imagine that you know the day you will die and not being able to change it? Six people are on this list, and the police has no idea who is killing them. They will try to solve the mystery before it's too late. I am not sure it will be soon enough...
There are a lot of serial killer books, why this one is must a read instead of another one? Because it's not just the writing that keeps you glued on the book till the end, it's like an addiction, you just want more!
I would like to ask a few questions to the writer...

Sometimes, trying to make the right we make the wrong... Are you a sheep or a wolf?

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