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Maggie Dove's Detective Agency by Susan Breen
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

As Susan Breen’s compelling cozy mystery series continues, Maggie Dove’s budding detective agency has given her a new lease on life. Only one thing stands in the way of success: her clients—or lack of them.
After catching the killer who shook her small Hudson River town, former Sunday School teacher Maggie Dove stumbled onto an exciting new career and found a way to take her mind off her own tragic past. Now, despite her best efforts to promote the agency, Maggie can’t seem to land any new cases—until Racine Stern, one of the village’s wealthiest residents, offers her a thousand dollars to convince her “evil” sister, Domino, to stay out of town.
While Maggie’s business partner thinks she’s crazy for turning down a potential client, she doesn’t want her agency to get a reputation for accommodating bizarre requests. However, Maggie is soon caught up in the family drama anyway. Racine may fear for her life—and her inheritance—but it’s Domino who takes the fall when she plunges to her death from a tower at Stern Manor. Was it an accident or something more sinister? Maggie’s investigation will test her faith—and her ability to survive.

"But tarantula bites were not on the curriculum.
'How did that happen?' she asked.
'My sister put her pet tarantula in my bed, I woke up last night and found it on my arm and when I screamed, it bit me.'
Maggie said a quick prayer of thanks that Kosi, her cat, bad as he was, was not a tarantula.
'Domino wants to kill me. She wants my money, she told me so.'"

With humour and maybe too much religion, Susan Breen has created Maggie Dove, a curious detective that has the most outlandish cases you could find!
This is the second book of the Maggie Dove cases, where she has to investigate a woman who jumped through the window that had a tarantula as a pet, scary don't you think?
It was quite curious how the main character, who is Christian, learns about the Wiccan religion and explains to the reader some of their traditions and ceremonies. I have to say that the Wiccan religion has always been a mystery to me, I don't know anyone who practices it and I've learn it about it just in movies and books; it always makes a book more interesting and appealing if you learn something new!
The case is quite curious, so if you are searching for a mystery full of witches and spells, this is your book!

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