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It's Not You, It's Them by Portia MacIntosh
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: Love Reading Romance
Rating: 4/5

Roxie is the most happy woman in the world after getting engaged to her boyfriend Mark. And now is the moment to meet his parents... this will be an unforgettable Christmas, I can assure you!

"'Hi,' he replied coolly. 'So I was a t a party last night, and some girl assaulted me with this.' He pulled my baseball bat out from behind his back. 'I've spend all morning visiting the offices of every media outlet we invited, to see if I could find a girl who could give me a bruise with this bat as impressive as this one.'
Mark rolled up the sleeve of his white polo shirt, flashing me his bruised bicep.
'I'm so sorry', I told him.
'Don't be sorry', he replied. 'Just have dinner with me tonight.'"

With humour and fresh dialogues Portia MacIntosh will make us remember that meeting the parents in law for the first time is never easy; expectations, nerves and ex-partners are always present... lucky for Roxie she has Mark on her side, because the rest of the family dordn't see their relation with very good eyes! 
Roxie will meet not only his parents in law, their daughters and family, Bea will be there too, Mark's ex-girlfriend, who will try to re-conquest him with all of her powers! 
Portia has made an spontaneous book that will make drop a few tears with all your laughs, and Roxie will give you some good ideas to spice a little bit your romantic life!
The perfect present for your recently engaged friend or just because you want a good laugh!
How's your relation with your parents in law?

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