Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose

Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Source: Bookbridgr, NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Special Agent Griffin Davenport is in coma but someone special is taking care of him... He senses her, wants to touch her and alert that there are children in danger... But where? Who? He can't remember! The sweet voice will help him, but first he has to wake up!
Special Agent Coppola wants to finish the case, but she will need the help of the handsome agent that she's taking care of in the hospital... Would it be soon enough when he wakes up to help her?
So many strings undone... someone has to know something! Ready to check every dark corner?

"That was the trouble with working with a bunch of cops. Everybody was trained to spot the tiniest bit of behaviour. The smallest facial twitch. It made keeping your private life a real challenge. Kate thought she did a pretty good job most of the time. God, she hoped she did. She had private shit that she did not want anyone to know. Ever."

First of all, this is the third book of the Cincinnati Series, I don't recommend you to read it alone, start with the first of the series, there are a lot of characters in the story that you will be lost if you start with this book. But I can assure you they are worth the read!
This is a crude and tough book; with drugs, pornography and child abuse, never explicit, of course, but you will suffer just to imagine it!
I have read all Karen Rose books and she has so many characters that you will need a little help in this book, they explain a little bit the connections in between the stories but it's difficult to follow sometimes! That's why I searched on the official Karen Rose page and I found the Book Relationships! Take a look...

As always, Karen has created a non-stop thriller full of mystery and romance, but this time is a race against some child life... and lucky for them, the police will make everything to help them and catch the monster before is too late! I always wish that if something like this happens in reality, the police would be eager to sacrifice everything like the detectives do in the books!
Every time I read a book that has something about child pornography in it, it repulses me! How is it possible that some people wanted to make children suffer and make money with it? We live in a crazy world, don't we?
While you are reading this book your heart will beat really fast in every page; with the action, the mystery and all the characters involvement, you will not want to stop till the last page! And of course wanting to know who will be the main characters in the next Karen Rose book! ;)
Do you know a Professor?

I wanted to share with you the book trailer, if you still haven't bought the book! ;)

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