Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti

Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti
Genre: Erotica, Thriller
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 3/5

Zara Remington is helping her friend to hide from her husband while her divorce papers are being solved. But her position in the law firm would be questioned if they discover it... she will have to ask for help to her friend with benefits Ryker Jones. Will they be able to survive while all the world explodes around them? Maybe... or maybe not!

"Straightening her shoulders, she tried to balance in the heels as she passed her comfortable sofa set, the shoes clicking on the polished hardwood floor. She had to wipe her hands down her skirt before twisting the nob and opening the door. 'Ryker,' she breathed.
He didn't smile. Instead, his bluish green eyes darkened as his gaze raked her from head to toe... and back up. 'I've missed you.' The low rumble of his voice, just as dangerous as the motorcycle pipes, licked right where his gaze had been."

This book is a mixture of romance, erotica and paranormal, Ryker has a strong personality and some "curious" powers, we will learn more about them inside the book and his two brothers have some curious abilities too...! There's some interesting past to discover, but we perceive just a small part, I suppose we will learn more about it in the next books. And of course the mysteries Ryker's brothers hide, I am quite curious about them!
I have to say I didn't like the dominant way Ryker tries to make everyone do his will... we are all humans and can have our own decisions, don't you think?
This book remind me of the Ghost Walker series from Christine Feehan, alpha men with "curious" powers that had been trained by a crazy doctor. Do you know the series?
Rebecca Zanetti has created a non-stop thriller with some surprising twists and very high voltage scenes.
Ready for a cold shower? 

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