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Brides And Bouquets by Rebecca Raisin
Genre: Romance
Source: Love Reading Romances
Rating: 4/5

Do you remember Clio from Cedarwood Lodge?
It's almost Christmas and she is preparing the Lodge for a Wedding Fair, but before she could open the doors she will have to face some serious problems; a chef resignation, a couple in conflict, a missing paper... so many more troubles that maybe there will be no brides!

"'Tell me this place isn't haunted, Clio,' a wideyed Amory said, clutching a loop of silver tinsel to her chest life a safety blanket.
'With the ghost of boyfriends past?' I teased, warming my hands by the fire. It crackled and popped, a comforting soundtrack to frosty nights with us holed up in the lodge, working away in one room or another."

This is the second part of the Cedarwood Lodge trilogy, don't read it alone, you will miss everything!
I can not say I didn't like this book, but there are so many unanswered questions at the end that it's like there are missing pages! But I can not deny that it was a sweet read, you just have to enjoy the read and the warm feelings and happiness that Cedarwood transmit, I hope one day I can visit it! ;) Yes, I know there's something mysterious too about Cedarwood Lodge, but where's the happiness without a little bit of mystery in life!
I can not wait to read Midnight & Mistletoe at Cedarwood Lodge, maybe we will know more about Clio's mother secret or who will have Clio's heart (that's my big question!)
Reading this series is like a marshmallow, sweet and fluffy that you just want to enjoy page by page and don't miss anything!
Rebecca Raisin makes us dream with happy endings and that even if you have a big problem, you will always find the solution! Be careful if you start reading this book... Rebecca Raisin books are addictive!
Do you have the perfect ending?

If you have some curiosity, here's an excerpt of the book! ;)

I hope the bridal expo goes off without a hitch. Have I told you yet that I’m glad you came home? Life was never really the same after you left. Looking forward to that dinner whenever you’re free.
Timothy x

Life was never really the same? But he got married and had a family about three minutes after I was out of sight! I’m sure I wasn’t on his mind one little bit. I didn’t hold any grudge or strong feeling about it – we’d been so young, really. But still, he had moved on fairly quickly. Would something bloom between us if I just let go and lived for the moment? The same niggle bothered me. Kai. Even if nothing happened with him, would it be fair to date Timothy when secretly my heart beat a double rhythm when I thought of my Australian surfer guru?
Taking my cell, I hastily sent Timothy a thank you text back, avoiding any talk about the dinner date invitation.
This was why I loved work. Being busy gave me the ability to shelve any boy dilemma and focus on the task at hand. I found a crystal vase and took the bouquet to my office. That done, I went back to the ballroom and checked off my list.
Every vendor was accounted for, set up and ready to go. Isla and Micah had the activities organized. Aunt Bessie was getting her donuts out of the van and ready to serve… so what was I missing? I’d forgotten something, I could feel it.
I wandered around the tables we’d set up in different themes, lifting champagne flutes, checking for smudges. The cutlery was lined up perfectly reflecting prisms of light from the chandeliers. Georges would serve canapes as soon as the guests – Georges! Normally he’d be singing and bellowing in the kitchen, foodie scents wafting down the hallway making my mouth water, but I hadn’t seen him arrive yet. I dashed down the hall to check. The kitchen was empty, not a pot on the stove and more worryingly not a sign of Georges. Snatching up the phone I called him, picturing the worst – a car crash, the roads were slippery this time of year. My heart was in my throat by the time he answered on the third ring.
“Hi Clio, did you get my message? I’m sorry to let you down like this, but I couldn’t say no, you understand, don’t you?”
Blood drained from my face as I checked my watch. Three hours until our brides were due and my chef was telling me he wasn’t coming. Trying to halt the erratic beat of my heart I said, “What message, Georges? Where are you?”

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