Beneath The Ashes by Jane Isaac - Blog Tour

Beneath The Ashes by Jane Isaac
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: Legend Press
Rating: 4/5

We start the book knowing that there's a corpse in a fire... the police starts to investigate when they find that the possible victims girlfriend doesn't remember anything from the fateful night... Is she lying or someone attacked them? The police has a lot of questions and I am sure you too, you just have to start reading the book to know the answers! ;)

"My name is Nancy Faraday. I'm in the farmhouse where Evan is living. But even as the words drifted into the ether, two questions rang out in her mind. How did I end up on the floor? And where in the hell is Evan?"

This is the second book of Detective Inspector Will Jackman, but you can read it as standalone, Jackman is trying to get promoted while he is investigating the body found in the fire. He is a police, but not like the ones we are used to, he is approachable, real, could be one of your neighbours, but with a very difficult job! Have you ever thought how can police officers can sleep after the cases they have to see? They might have nightmares every night!
I would like to comment more about the book but I would spoil all the mystery in it, so you will have to read it and think about how you would feel if you were one of the victims. I wouldn't know how to explain the pain and sadness I would be feeling. That makes me think that no matter how horrible our life could be, sadly there's someone who is having more pain than us, quite an awful thought, don't you think?
This book is a quick read, but it will get deep on your skin, it's human and touchable but at the same time scary on how real it could be. A crime book that you will not want to miss. 
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