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A Composition in Murder by Larissa Reinhart
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Cherry Tucker is quite intrigued when the Tea Queen, Belina Brakema (Battle-Axe for friends) asks her help to keep an eye on her co-workers while the police investigate her daughter's suspicious death.
The Della Brakeman's death turns into a murder while Cherry is wrapped with drug dealers, gangs and death bodies! What kind of work has been Cherry involved this time?!

"This was the first time I'd been charged with something by a private citizen. As the accused who had done nothing wrong, it ticked me off. Royally.
At least Todd was allowed in my interview room to give witness testimony. Testimony he'd given to Deputy Luke Harper, who was on call. Unfortunately. And testimony more helpful for the one bringing charges against me. Unfortunately.
Unfortunate just might be my middle name."

I am not sure if you know Cherry Tucker's story, but right now her life is a mess. Her brother is in prison, her ex-husband is flirting with the enemy and she has an affair with the son of the rival family... she just needs three deaths and someone trying to kill her to make her life easier, don't you think?
This book is full of deceit and entanglements with no one to trust!
This is the 6th book of the Cherry Tucker Mystery, but you could read it as standalone if you want. But there are so many fires burning in this book that you will want to know how they started!
I liked how Cherry always respects the older people and never doubt of them. I think we all should learn how Cherry treat the elder, they have faults but they are persons too and they deserve esteem.
This is a cozy mystery but I can assure you that there will be blood, gangs and some surprises waiting for you inside this book! ;)
Larissa Reinhart has created the perfect heroine; stubborn, brave and with a big heart, the perfect friend and neighbour we always wanted!
Do you like tea?

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