The Devil's Work by Mark Edward's

The Devil's Work by Mark Edward's
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

After a few years of maternity leave, Sophie returns to work at her life dreamed job, the Jackdaw Books. Her most desired job starts to be a nightmare when she feels that someone is stalking her... Could it be someone from her past or just her imagination?

"' Do you know how to access the library? In the basement?'
His eyes widened like this was a weird question. A forbidden topic. 'I don't know. It's by invitation only. I guess they're worried about people touching all the super-valuable old books.'
'Have you ever been down there?'
'Me? No - I've never been invited. I don't know anyone who has, to be honest. People say it's haunted.'
'You're winding me up.'
'Nah, one of the cleaners apparently saw something one night. She was so freaked out that she didn't come back.'"

I am quite ambivalent about this book, I liked how the author presented the story, but I didn't like very much the characters and it was not very difficult to guess who was the mind master.
Sophie, the protagonist, who has been brave enough to return to work after four years of maternity, doesn't expect the nightmare that's waiting for her at her new job. You can sense that she's a brave woman, but sometimes you just want to shout at her: Do Something! Sadly, Guy, her husband doesn't help her very much, only thinking about himself and his job...
In the book there are two stories told, the past, the university years of Sophie, and the present, when the nightmare starts... Could it be that both of them are connected? This is what I enjoyed the most, the author made us deliberate if there was someone wanting to harm Sophie or she was just paranoid. The truth, of course, it was there to pick up the clues to know!
I am still guessing what is the plot of the creepy owner of Jackdaw Books, just to scare us or maybe there would be a continuation of the book and we will know more? Just wondering!
If you are searching for a mystery book mixed with ghosts and stalkers, this is your book. There would be cockroaches, zombies and rats, perfect for Halloween! 
Mark Edward's has done a great job making you paranoid of Sophie's family and friends, so for now just remember "Don't trust anyone!'
Did you enjoy your university years?

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