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The Deadline by Jackie Kabler
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Jenny in Neverland
Rating: 3'5/5

Cora Baxter, a TV reporter has her best friend in prison for a murder she didn't commit. She will search hell and heaven to find the real murderer and help her friend Sam. A TV reporter with a deadline is always scary, so, if you are the killer... run!

"'I was trying to repair my earring. A stone fell out of it when I was putting it on this morning, and I had some of that super-strong glue in my drawer. It fixed the earring brilliantly, but I most have got a bit on my hand without noticing because when I picked up my bag, wel...'
She rubbed ruefully at a red mark on her finger."

This is my first Cora Baxter book and I am not disappointed. There's a mix of humour, mystery and friendship wrapped in a TV News Channel. Who will be appearing on the next news?
Jackie Kabler has created some touching characters, friendly and easy to love. But it was quite easy to discover who the killer was, I guess it at the beginning correctly, even Jackie tries to confuse you a little bit with all the suspects secrets.
I am sure this would not be the last adventure of Cora & friends, and I am sure next adventure will be as bloody as always!
Do you have a secret admire? Be careful!

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