Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by Bettie Crocker (Insiders)

I was the lucky to be one of the selected people to try the Betty Crocker campaign for Insiders. And of course, I couldn't resist to try to make some Halloween cookies for this Bank Holiday! The recipe is easy and funny to do, take a look...

You will just need:
- Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by Betty Crocker
- Black Food Colouring
- Macadamia Nuts
- Edible Eyes (or something similar)

First of all you have to add the food colouring to the mix, it depends on how black you want to cookies, you add more or less. I put 2 tps.

Then, of course add water to the mix while you are mixing the ingredients, I normally put in small amounts, to control how much water I add, you don't want it watery! After, add the macadamia nuts, I didn't crush them, but it's your decision!

Then make small spoons of the mix and put it on the oven tray. Depending on how big you want them let more or less space.

Then in the oven for 10-12 minutes...

When you took it from the oven add the eyes, this way, the mix is still hot and the eyes would stick on the cookies...

VoilĂ ! You have your yummy cookie monsters!