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Death at the Seaside by Frances Brody
Genre: Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Kate Shackleton has planned a relaxing visit to her old friend Alma and her daughter Felicity in Whitby. When she founds a body and Felicity is missing, her dreams of peace and relax had to disappear of her mind. Will she fulfil her new investigation without being the principal suspect?

"There's a moment when one realises that the horizon is no longer a joining of sky and land. It's the sea. The first glimpse of the sea always lifts my spirits as if suddenly I've returned to more carefree times. I had no distinct notion of which road I should take to find my way to the Royal Hotel, but by following my nose and some sliver of memory, I found myself on Whitby's West Cliff - just where I needed to be."

Reading of Whitby was quite lovely, I've been there, walking on the same streets and places that Kate enjoys, that's something that attracts me on a book; if it shares some gossiping and ghosts, even better! I loved how Frances with her prose makes us travel through time and enjoy a Whitby that is no longer there, but it remains the spirit.
Kate Shackleton is not scared of darkness or a body, she loves to help her friends and is resourceful when she needs to discover a killer. With humor and subtlety she will discover all your deepest secrets, be careful!
In this delightful story, we will not only discover a few deep secrets, we will navigate in a youthful relationship and told our future by Madam Alma. Quite an adventure don't you think?
Don't be scared of Kate, you will love her and the adventures Frances Brody has created for her. This is the 8th case you can enjoy of the Kate Shackleton Mysteries, but I am sure you will find her in more mysteries, she has a lot of energy! And I hope we will see more of Marcus in her next trip! 
Ready for a relaxing holiday near the beach?

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