CMY Fabrik Box - September 2016

This is my second review of the CMY Fabrik Box, and I have to say I love it, every month it gets better and better! I am not joking, if you love to sew and do crafty things, this is the best box ever!

First of all, the fabrics, as always, with a beautiful pattern and good quality!

You can not forget the filling to do this month project, a Pumpkin!

Of course, the threads, you can not do a sewing project without them! ;)

As always in all the boxes, there are a few accessories to help you in the month project or for other projects you have in mind.

Do you like Unicorns? Thanks to Moosh, now you will wear a Unicorn horn every day! 

Have you think about the Halloween decorations? I am sure the Cards4Charlie Halloween special will make your house more terrifying!

Of course, you always need some masking tape, and it's a Halloween edition! ;)

After all the work you will do with this amazing box you will need some energy, that's the work of Garukobars. Enjoy!

As I have said, an amazing box, full of amazing things and great ideas to make your Halloween amazing!

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