Ceramic Cardboard by Tim Kowalczyk

Yes, even it seems impossible, these realistic mugs and plates are made with ceramic not cardboard!
They are created by the artist Tim Kowalczyk, these are his words...

Objects I am drawn to can be described as pathetic, absurd, antiquated, banal, or even garbage. I stumble upon these ordinary objects in my daily life whether driving down the road, visiting a yard sale, or peering into a trashcan. Objects are chosen that lack unique significance. However, I imagine a sublime provenance in these ordinary objects. This imagined provenance is how I begin to relate to the objects and transform ordinary objects into extraordinary. These new extraordinary objects are models to create trompe l’oeil ceramic versions. I then assemble the fabricated replicas into sculptures with a clear sense of purpose, priority, and preciousness. These everyday objects are imbued with specific signification through both their composed relationships with one another, and their homogeneous material. The deception of fabricated objects through the use of trompe l’oeil techniques is what allows me to convey the imagined sublime provenance. The objects’ inherent semiotic qualities create contextual narratives that shape how they are seen and how they can construct meaning in a particular setting.

The source is Bored Panda.

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