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Celebrations and Confetti at Cedarwood Lodge by Rebecca Raisin
Genre: Romance, Chic Lit
Source: Reading Romance
Rating: 4/5

Clio Winters is fulfilling her dreams at Cedarwood Lodge. With the help of some old and new friends she will try to repair her life, but will there be celebrations and confetti at the end of her path?

""How about I invite Isla here for coffee and I also invite Micah, but then, dang, I can't make it..."
Her heavily made-up eyes widened. "And I'm here to pass on the message: look kids, why don't you sit together, Clio says everything is under control and you might as well take an hour to relax... How does that sound?"
Only my aunt would understand my motivations and back me up. "Sounds like love is in the air...""

This is the first book of the trilogy Cedarwood Lodge and I am sure that after reading the first one, you'll want to know more like me!
Clio Winters has left her job and friends after a bad experience in New York and she's decided to make Cedarwood Lodge the best retirement place she can create. It will not be an easy task, but with the help of her childhood friend Micah, the sexy surfer project manager Kai and the garden designer Isla, she will have all the help she will need!
There's love in every corner of Cedarwood Lodge, but some mystery and secrets too... What Annabelle (Clio's mum) knows about Cedarwood Lodge past? What is she hiding?
While you are reading this book, you will feel like the characters and story is real and you are watching them behind the crystal. Romantic but real, something that can happen to us and will keep dreaming all night!
This sweet book will put a smile on your face but will have enough secrets to want you to continue reading and wanting to know more! When will be the next book available, I can not wait!
Ready for a sweet adventure?

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