Beyond the Truth by Anne Holt

Beyond the Truth by Anne Holt
Genre: Crime
Source: Corvus
Rating: 4/5

Four victims a few days before Christmas, this is the new case of the Oslo police. Hanne Wilhelmsen and her partner Billy T. don't know where to start investigating, the dead family or the stranger who was with them? All the families have their own secrets, but are they enough to kill?

"Honor and shame. The same concept, the right side and the wrong side. Short stubs of words that actually dealt with the great fear of falling, of losing something that might be greater than life itself: the frames around that, and all the fragments that held existence in place and defined a person's position in relation to others."

First of all you have to know that this is a Norwegian crime, were slowly but surely you will untangle this difficult crime with the help of Anne Holt and her tenacious detectives.
In this case, the victims are part of the high Oslo society, rich but with a lot of dark secrets. The rest of the family could be the killers; the son, the daughter, the uncle... or there's something more Sometimes I am quite happy to not be rich! Covering secrets to just not damage the name of the family seems so crazy, don't you think?
It's not just the crime that I liked in this book, we can see a little representation of the Norwegian police and society. Making the police human, with problems, fear and happiness is not a thing we normally read in a book. Hanne is a brave policewoman, where she's not scared to show to all her co-workers that maybe are wrong, but at the same time she has feelings, fears and can love!
This is my first ever Anne Holt book, but I liked her direct style, this is the 7th book of the Hanne Wilhelmsen series, but I can assure you that you will follow the case perfectly!
Murder happens in the best families and bribes at the best police workers, Anne Holt manages a dark case cleverly and artfully, where the answers could be so easy and difficult to face at the same time, that in the end you will just want to re-read the book again to fill up all the blank spaces.
Immerse in the cold and dark Oslo streets where the lonely dogs are not the most dangerous things you can face!
Do you really know your family?

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