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The Ghostwriters by Mickey J. Corrigan
Genre: Fiction
Source: CLP Blog Tours

"I screamed once or twice before he uncrossed his spidery limbs and said, "Don't be a ninny. You know who I am, that I come from you. From your own deranged mind. So what's the sense of yelling, disturbing your neighbours?"
He had a point. I calmed a little. "You may be an illusion, my illusion. But that sure as fuck does not mean you can stay in my bathroom while I shower."

Let me say that no matter what you had to drink, if you are talking to a ghost, you have a problem.
That's the first think that will shock you in this book, and maybe that our protagonist, Jacy wants to help him! JD is a dead ghost writer that wants to make Jacy write for him the next bestseller and while they are working together, he will help her with her crazy life... But hey, he is a ghost, that's very normal! You will spend all the book wondering what type of problems Jacy has with her family that she needs a ghost and drinking to face them. 
With a humorous way and some twists, Mickey J. Corrigan will show us the pain the writer face when they struggle with the idea and the plot of a new book, and then of course, being published.
This book had some brushstroke of the Sixth Sense, Misery and Castle, quick and easy to read.
Do you remember when was the last time you talked to a ghost?

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