Midnight Mysteries: Nine Cozy Tales by Nine Bestselling Authors

Midnight Mysteries: Nine Cozy Tales by Nine Bestselling Authors
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 5/5

Do you have plans for Halloween? I would recommend you to cancel them and instead read this book full of mystery, murder and ghosts!
There are nine short stories from Cozy Mysteries Authors, some of them known to me, some new. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book, the stories were great and some of them made me want to read more!
Here's a short description of each one of the stories...

Ritter Ames – “Organized for Masked Motives” (from the Organized Mysteries series) Kate McKenzie never dreamed when she started her business, Stacked in Your Favor, that she’d spend nearly as much time crime solving as organizing. But with Halloween approaching, and too many items on the to-do list, she and Meg Berman find themselves in another puzzling dilemma—where every answer leads to another question.
Ritter Ames, oh yes, she made a true statement of the famous sentence: "there's no smoke without fire". Even if this means that the zombie cats exist!

Morgana Best – “No Time to Witch” (from The Kitchen Witch mystery series) Offering both a historical mystery and a paranormal flair, in this story Thelma Spelled must discover the mystery around a murder that entangles her and her husband. The tale is also a prequel to the novel Miss Spelled, and reveals more about the magic of the house, as well as about Australia in the early 20th century.
Morgana Best historical ghost story will make you be more scared than ever of witches. I have to say I am not a true believer of the great beyond, but her book made me frighten of it!

Karen Cantwell – “It Takes a Ghost” (tie-in to the Sophie Rhodes mystery series) Newly promoted detective Brenna Sage wants to be taken seriously in her new position, but that’s difficult when she can’t solve a series of robberies in Stephens City. Until she gains a partner in the guise of Marmaduke Dodsworth. While Marmaduke might be better versed in decorum and refinement than forensics and interrogation, he has one decidedly clear advantage: He can walk through walls.

Karen Cantwell has written the most hilarious story of the book, I want to read more Marmaduke cases, I am sure they will be too hilarious!

Carolyn Haines – “Clacking Bones” (from the Sarah Booth Delaney series) When Jitty’s husband, Coker, goes missing from the Great Beyond, Sarah Booth Delaney, Tinkie, and all the animals sign on to find out why the spirit is AWOL. Sarah Booth has to dig deep into the past to find the answer to this puzzling mystery.
Carolyn Haines makes us remember that Halloween is the moment that ghosts can come to life... Do you have a curse on your family?

Eleanor Cawood Jones – “Salad Days, Halloween Nights” (from the author of A Baker’s Dozen) A vegetable-loving chef finds he’s cooked his way into trouble when a Halloween treat leads to murder. If he wants a happy future, he must first make sure the police don’t have him down as the main ingredient in a recipe for a prison sentence.
Eleanor Cawood Jones wrote a story of murder and love at Halloween's night... Would you hide a murderer for love?

Larissa Reinhart – “The Vigilante Vignette” (from the Cherry Tucker Mystery series) Cherry Tucker can get herself into the worst predicaments without even trying. This time, a mercy call on a neighbor gets her roped into a quid pro quo deal—if Cherry recovers a stolen family heirloom that is both somewhat embarrassing and due to be discovered missing very shortly, the neighbor will use his family clout to help her with some zoning issues. But if she fails, the expression “someone’s got her goat” will take on a whole new meaning for Cherry. And when she discovers a thievery ring, illegal auctions, and some green-eyed emotions after spotting Luke where she doesn’t expect him—well, it’s just another hilarious day in Halo, Georgia.
Larissa Reinhart story is my favourite, full of mystery and superheroes! What more do we need at Halloween's night?

Connie Shelton – “Spellbound Sweets” (from the Samantha Sweets Magical Cozy Mystery series) It’s Halloween, one of the busiest seasons of the year for Samantha Sweet and the crew at her pastry shop, Sweet’s Sweets. The gang looks forward to a gala costume party at the neighborhood bookstore, but the evening takes a different turn when a guest is murdered, a rare book vanishes, and Sam finds herself in the midst of another mystery.
Connie Shelton had created a book full of mystery, perfect from the first page! Don't you think there's always some mystery in the bookshops?

Maria Grazia Swan – “Weeping Moon” (from the Lella York Mysteries series) Lella York has a way of getting herself into trouble, even when she’s doing volunteer work. Who is the mysterious storyteller, and what is going on at the senior living center? And will Lella find out before it’s too late?
Maria Grazia Swan wrote a curious mystery, but so short! I will have to search for more Lella books!

LynDee Walker – “Frightening Features” (from the Nichelle Clarke Mystery series) Nichelle Clarke is not a patient recovery patient. While she’s waiting for an injury to heal, all she really wants is a story to write and research—hard news to get her mind occupied, even if she can only work one-armed. Instead, her boss gives her a fluff piece. Not her idea of fun. But with Nichelle snooping around, it’s not surprising her soft story takes a decidedly hard turn.
LynDee Walker story has reminiscence of the famous cartoon Scooby Doo, where the ghost is always created by a human person! Who will be the murderer?

This book will banish in a few days, so if you love Halloween and mystery, buy it now before it disappears!
What scares you most; zombie cats, ghosts or superheroes?

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