Lethal Lifestyles by LyneeDee Walker

Lethal Lifestyles by LyneeDee Walker
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5/5

"Closing the computer and pulling my dress off, I killed the lights and crawled between the zillion thread-count sheets on the canopy bed. Setting the alarm on my phone for four and a half hours in the future, I laid it on the other pillow and flipped onto my stomach.
My eyes feel shut, Mel's happy smile and Mitch Burke's aristocratic features flashing across the backs of the lids. Maybe my subconscious could come up with a way to avoid completely trashing the bride and groom's Saturday."

This is not my first Nichelle adventure, I met her in the Halloween's Anthology, Midnight Mysteries.
Nichelle is like a superwoman, can organise her bestfriend wedding, solve a murder and have a secret relationship, a superwoman like I said!
I was amazed about Nichelle's loyalty to her friends no matter which was the problem. And with the murder... do you remember Colombo, the policeman? She's like him, a dog with a bone, she can not leave a murder unsolved! So killer, be prepared to be discovered by the amazing Nichelle!
I have to say it was a delight reading this book; it has murder and mystery, fast and intelligent dialogues and a little hint of love. Now you just need a good hot chocolate, a comfy sofa and some spare time to enjoy a good book. You will thank me later! ;)
This is the 6th book of the "A Headlines in High Heels Mystery", but you can read it standalone, the characters are well explained and you don't miss much if you want to start the series here. But I am sure that after starting the series you will want to know more about the characters and you will be the next LyneeDee Walker fan!
Do you like wine?

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