Her Darkest Nightmare by Brenda Novak

Her Darkest Nightmare by Brenda Novak
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance
Source: Bookbridgr
Rating: 4/5

Being kidnapped by your own boyfriend and left to dead is not the best memory you can have from your childhood. This is Evelyn's past, but instead of hiding, she decided to study how to treat and confront the worst killers of America, making Evelyn stronger than ever.

"Amarok didn't look pleased. 'You haven't told me the details. You refuse to let me read your file.'
'I'd rather you not know everything that happened.'
She glanced away, suddenly embarrassed. 'Because I want to sleep with you.'"

Brenda Novak has created a brave woman but real, with feelings and fears ready to expand her comfort zone. I would never imagine what's being completely merciless and to fear for your own life, but I think Evelyn used her fears to learn how to grow with them, making her a better person that she was in the past.
Since the beginning you know that Evelyn childhood's boyfriend, Jasper, is alive and may be killing again... What you don't know till the last page is if the bodies that the police are finding are from Jasper's killings or someone from the Hannover House... Scary, isn't it?
This book is not just a thriller, it has some romance too! Maybe it's time for Evelyn to start opening her heart to someone instead of remembering her worst moments in life, don't you think? It would not be easy for her, and she is quite stubborn with the age difference... but I think at the end her heart will win against the brain!
A good mystery book is one where you can not guess who the murder is till the last page, and Brenda has done an amazing job, there are so many open fronts that you don't know which to follow to know the truth.
I "liked" that in each chapter there was a quote from a famous psychopath, but I am not sure which one of the quotes was more terrifying... Don't you thing that it's quite terrifying knowing that a psychopath can be living near you and you will not know it till it would be too late?
This is the first book of the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles, but there's a short story called Hannover House that will tell you the beginning of Dr. Evelyn Talbot and Jasper...
I advise you, after reading the last chapter you will start bitting you nails and counting the days for the next book of Brenda Novak... What new killers will have to fight Evelyn to be safe? Sadly we will have to wait till next year to know more!
Ready for the most scary storm of your life?

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