Goodnight Baby Bath with added calm by Free From (HiPP)

I want to introduce the Goodnight Baby Bath from HiPP that contains sandalwood, a calming fragrance. Specially formulated by baby skincare experts, the HiPP Goodnight Baby Bath is free from PEG and parabens, paraffin's, allergy-causing fragrances and preservatives.
I dropped a few Goodnight Baby Bath in the water to make a little bit of foam... and my baby loved the small bubbles that the bath made!

The Goodnight Baby Bath it will leave a sweet and soft smell in the ambient, not very strong, just enough to smell it but not too much.

After using the Goodnight Baby Bath my baby was calmer than any other bath I used, and ready to go to sleep...

I highly recommend the Goodnight Baby Bath from HiPP if you are searching a for a calming bath for your baby.
Do you have any routine to make easy for your baby to sleep?

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