Free From by HiPP Organic

I am happy to say that I am one of the HiPP Ambassadors! This means that I will share with you the new products they will create for this year! Excited to know more?

This week I will share with you each of the new products of Free From.
Free From is the new range of bath time products that are completely free form any nasties that sensitive skin doesn't like. With a unique 'no tears' formulation, this new range has been developed to make every bath gentle, soothing and kind to baby's skin.

The range includes five new products suitable form baby's first bath onwards. The whole range has been created with meticulous care and does not include microbeads or parabens. Only the kidnest ingredients can be found in the range, minimising the risk of allergies and guaranteeing a gentles, softer wash every time.
The range includes...
Goodnight Baby Bath with added calm, Foaming Hand Wash, Head to Toe Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo.
The new HiPP baby care range is exclusively available from selected Tesco scores.
If you want to discover each product, don't forget to visit my blog every day! ;)

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