A Suitable Lie by Michael J. Malone

A Suitable Lie by Michael J. Malone
Genre: Crime
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

Andy Boyd has found the love of his life for the second time in his short life; he is happy and in love, ready to start a new life near her new wife Anna.
But when the first night of the honeymoon doesn't end as it should be, Andy starts regretting meeting Anna. Will this be his last marriage?

"'You know, it is all right to cry. Big boys do cry. I cried when my Dad died.'
'You did?' I looked up at him, I couldn't have been more amazed if he said 'fuck'.
'Yes, of course. I was terribly sad. I loved my father... You know when I cried it was not for my father, it was for me. He was a good man and so would have gone to heaven. I cried for me because I knew I would miss him every day for the rest of my life.'"

This book starts with a scary thought, killing someone. Who? Why? When? That would be some of the questions that will pop on your mind when you finish the first chapter. But page after page, you will learn that Andy's life is hunted and his only escape door are his thoughts. Now the only question would be, will Andy be able to fulfil his dreams and kill someone?
And Anna... really, does she care for someone?
A twisted marriage mixed with a noir crime and a white collar case; that's what Michael J. Malone has created in this amazing book. Interesting, gripping and so real that you will not be able to put it down.
Want to go out for a date?

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