Wildflower Bay by Rachel Lucas

Wildflower Bay by Rachel Lucas
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Rating: 4/5

Isla has lost her lifetime job and is not quite sure what to do next. She decides to help her aunt in a remote island...
Would Isla find the answers she needs with the help of the attractive Finn?

"Isla stopped at a traffic light, fingernails tapping impatiently on the steering wheel, feeling the smug purr of the engine. Flipping down her sun visor as she waited, she checked her make-up. Her face was an immaculate mask of primer and foundation, with a slash of red lipstick that matched her gorgeous new convertible perfectly."

This is a fresh and funny book to read! Indulge yourself in this small village with some amazing stylists that will create a new you! ;)
What I liked most about this book was that all the characters have a past that made them the way they are, some real past that would change anyone. But their past didn't make them stop believing in life, happiness or love! They all are unforgivable, with hints of humour, but real. Maybe we all have to learn a little from the characters Rachel Lucas has created, don't you think?
Enjoy this book with a chocolate bar, it will melt in your mouth the same way as the characters of this book will melt in your heart!
Ready for a big change in your life?

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