The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd - #QuercusSummer

This is my third book but sadly the last book of the Quercus Summer. I have to say that I will miss sharing my book adventures with you, it had been an original and funny summer!
This time I took "The Lavender House" to the sunny Catalonia! I am not sure it really enjoyed the hot weather we had there, but at least I took him to the sunny pool...


To take a swim...

And of course to enjoy my favourite summer drink, the Orxata!

The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Source: Quercus
Rating: 4/5

This book is about family, love and friendship. Yes, it's a drama book, but this doesn't mean it's not worth the read!
Nancy loved her family: her mother, her daughter, her grandchildren... but they don't like very much her new lover... Would Nancy fight for her feelings or will be subdued by her family?

"It was early still, so she lay in bed, luxuriating in thought of the previous night, picking over everything Jim had said, her own replies, their shared laughter and, most of all, the physical thrill of his touch. Everything, she thought, seems somehow exceptional this morning -  the duvet is particularly cosy, the pillow particularly soft. Even the rain on the window looks prettier, the light struggling to break through the May clouds more beautiful.
Then a thought struck her: I am in love."

I was gladly surprised with this book, it's not my type of reading, but from the first page it made me want to know more about Nancy and her life.
I am always surprised with the people who don't want to think that their parents have a love/sexual life. They made us, so they have one! That made me thing that I had never seen my mum with any man, I will never know if it was because she didn't want anyone in our lives or because she didn't need someone to take care of her. For me it's not important if our parents want someone in their life, because if they're happy, for me is enough.
This book will make you think about family, and the good and bad things that imply it. I can assure you that you will feel a lot of empathy for all the characters, but they have their faults, who doesn't?
Hillary brilliantly created 60 years old main character that will make you understand that all the mother and fathers have secrets, have feelings and want to be happy!
Let Nancy share with you her life and secrets, you will love them!
Do you like country music?

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