The Empathy Problem by Gavin Extence

Today I am in The Empathy Problem by Gavin Extence Blog Tour!
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 4/5

"He could have told her that the fact he'd watched a film was relevant in itself. That, previously, the only films he'd watched as an adult where... well, adult films. But he wasn't sure that raising this particular point would help him. Instead, he said: 'It made me cry. That's relevant for a start. And it stayed with me, too. It made me think about how I've lived my own life. It made me worry that I've always been... well, like a kind of reverse Elephant Man, I suppose.'"

This is a not easy book to read, and loosing my mum a month ago with a colon cancer doesn't help at all... but I have to say that this book is beautiful. 
Gabriel, who only respect money and powerful people, his brain tumour will make him discover that life can be beautiful and precious, even if you have little time to enjoy it.
This is a book of love, friendship and redemption, Gavin has created a sensitive book with one of the more frightening cases we can imagine.
Read this book, share it and talk about it, cancer is a scary word but it always make people change, even if they don't want it. 
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