Dear Mum...

My mum was diagnosed a 4 stage Cancer Colon 3 years ago, her life prediction was 3 to 6 months if we were lucky, but she bait all the prediction and was able to see my wedding day and meet my 4 month son.
It had been 3 difficult years, always knowing that one day would be the day that the illness would win and there would be nothing to do, and sadly this day has arrived. I was in Tokyo the last days of my mum and she and my family didn't told me that she was so bad, she didn't want me to suffer or to change anything of my life for her, but this was the worst she could do, I couldn't say goodbye to her and she didn't see me one last time, it wasn't fair!
Everyone loved her, she was very strong and a happy woman, she was always there for everyone and always with a positive mind. I would like to think that she will be remembered for everyone and all the family and friends will miss her very much.
Here's a photo of the day of my wedding day, the hills of the shoes where very tall and we wear the shoes days before to have our feet used to them. We made a photo to remember the fun we had wearing the shoes...

I will miss her very much, but I was lucky she was my mum and I have a lot of memories together.
Take care mum!