Bunbougu Cafe

Can you imagine sharing your coffee with some amazing stationery?
That's how the Bunbougu Cafe in Tokyo works, you enjoy your favourite drink while you are writing or drawing with some stationery they have to play with.

I enjoyed a cake with avocado, cheese, honey and vinegar, I have to say it was amazing!

The best part of this coffee is the secret drawers that every table has and that you need a key to open! You pay 700 yens and you are allowed to have the "key of your happiness" with some exclusive stationery and a secret menu only for members!

The best part was the surprise envelopes you can buy for only 100 yens, they hide some amazing surprises, take a look at mine!

Really, if you are planning a trip to Tokyo, don't doubt to make a visit to this coffee shop!

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